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Everit OpenSource Projects

Welcome to Everit OpenSource projects website. Everit team started to work with the newest technologies available currently to be able to find a solution in the following topics:

  • Stability
  • Test driven development
  • Fast deployment time
  • Modularized solution


Name Description
Audit A project to handle audit log data from different environments.

Everit dependencies: Util, Resource, Localization, EveritFaces
External dependencies: SLF4J, JTA 1.1, OSGi Core 4.2, JPA 2.0, JMS 1.1, syslog4j, javax.mail
Authentication Authentication support for various technologies. Currently Apache Shiro is used as the core of the solution.

Everit dependencies: Localization, Util, OSGi Hibernate
External dependencies: JTA 1.1, JPA 2.0, OSGi Core 4.2
Authorization Authorization solution that is dependeing on the Authentication API of Everit. The aim of this project is to provide a very fast easily embeddable authorization system.

Everit dependencies: OSGi H2, OSGi Hibernate, Util, Resource, Localization, Authentication
External dependencies: SLF4J, OSGi Core 4.2, JCache
Balance A library that handles balances via accounts and transactions.

Everit dependencies: OSGi Hibernate, OSGi H2, Util, Resource,
External dependencies: SLF4J, OSGi Core 4.2
Blobstore Blobstore that can save and read large binary data using a database backend. Currently simple JDBC and Postgres imlementation is done. Second may be much faster as it uses the Postgres LargeObject API. A Cache implementation saves database connections as data fragments are cached in invalidation mode to the nodes of a distributed environment.

External dependencies: OSGi Core 4.2, SLF4J, JCache, PostgreSQL
BPM Engine Runner Wrapper around BPMN Engines that allows running them inside the Everit framework.
Coding Conventions This simple module contains configuration files for Eclipse IDE and tools like Checkstyle to help keeping a standard coding format and good quality source code. These configuration files are used also during the compilation lifecycle.
Everit Skin Contains the maven based skin of this site.
EveritFaces A set of JSF composite components that are based on JQuery. The components are packaged into an OSGI bundle.

Everit dependencies: Util, Localization
External dependencies: Servlet API 3.0, JSP 2.0, JSF 2.0, EL API 2, Apache Commons FileUpload 1.2
Image Utilities Set of functions which the developer can manipulate images with. The functions are provided as OSGI service if blueprint is available in the container.

External dependencies: SLF4J, ICU4J, Apache PDFBox
Localization Stores localized key-value pairs in database with default language flag, caches on lozalized data to have fast answer, provides JSF composite components to use localized data more easily and appends JPA Criteria API based queries with a similar logic like ResourceBundle does in Java

Everit dependencies: Util
External dependencies: SLF4J, Apache DBCP, OSGi Core 4.2, JPA 2.0
Main Project Parent of all Everit based projects where lots of configuration is done.
Messaging A library that supports sending messages between resources.

Everit dependencies: OSGi Hibernate, Util, Tagging, Resource
External dependencies: OSGi Core 4.2, JPA 2.0
Mimestore Mimestore that can save and read mime and image binary data using the Blobstore.

Everit dependencies: OSGi Hibernate, Blobstore, Resource, Util
External dependencies: SLF4J, JPA 2.0, OSGi Core 4.2
OSGI Service Utilities (Deprecated) Utility classes to access OSGI services without the knowledge of BundleContext.
OSGI Tools Modules that help development in OSGI environment. A maven plugin is part of the packag that makes it easier to write Unit tests inside OSGI environment and test the during the maven compilation lifecycle and in Eclipse as well.
Profiler A simple solution that allows programmers monitoring threads and log the stack trace automatically if a thread does not answer in time. The stacktrace is logged a defined number of times with a configured gap of time. With this information programmers can easily find out why the live server sometimes hangs.

External dependencies: SLF4J, Servlet API 2.5
Resource Everything that has re-used business logic is a resource.

Everit dependencies: Util, OSGi Hibernate
External dependencies: SLF4J, OSGi Core 4.2
Tagging Tagging solution that supports resource tagging via service layer and JSF component.

Everit dependencies: Util, Resource
External dependencies: JPA 2.0, OSGi Core 4.2, JSF 2.1, EL API 2.2, Servlet API 3.0
Util Utility classes inside an OSGI bundle to support a ease the usage of different technologies. These classes are here as it was not worthy to create a separate project for the technology yet.

External dependencies: SLF4J, Apache Velocity, JavaMail 1.4, JPA 2.0, OSGi Core 4.2, JSF 2.1, EL API 2.2, Servlet API 3.0